We’re transforming the way governments analyze, share, and compare financial and performance intelligence.

Strength in numbers

With the OpenGov® cloud-based performance and financial intelligence platform, governments make smarter data-driven decisions, collaborate more effectively, and achieve greater transparency.








Performance management, operational reporting, and transparency for the 21st century government

OpenGov Intelligence™

Government decision makers need operational information at their fingertips. Save time and generate web-based management reports in seconds, streamline your annual budget process, and share insights with the click of a button.

OpenGov Comparisons™

Benchmark and compare with other governments in the OpenGov Network™. Connect to municipalities similar to your own. Identify whom to contact for new insights and bring discoveries to your operations.

OpenGov Transparency™

Engage constituents. Enable them to explore budget and transactional data to gain trust and learn how their tax dollars are spent. Reduce the time you spend complying with information and data requests.


Learn how OpenGov improves the world’s most important industry

Finance Directors

Increase budgeting and financial reporting efficiency. Ensure that department heads, management, and elected officials have the information they need at their fingertips. 


Make data-driven decisions, foster productivity and increase collaboration.

Elected Officials

Get better insights on your government’s finances and performance to help inform decisions. Engage citizens and create transparency and trust.

See OpenGov customers in action

Discover how these cities use OpenGov to analyze and share critical data.


Why people love OpenGov

“I believe OpenGov was a factor in helping us achieve the historic AAA rating because of our commitment to transparency.”

Jim Purtee
Assistant City Manager, Simi Valley CA

“OpenGov’s tools not only provide transparency but offer an opportunity for cities to save money in managing their data.”

Jonathan Reichental
CIO, Palo Alto CA

“In one to two days, they replicated our account structure on the platform and uploaded six years of budget actuals.”

Victor Brancart, Budget Director
California Polytechnic State University

“The accessibility of OpenGov’s platform is undeniable; its colorful graphs have empowered my team to more clearly communicate all aspects of the budget and how it reflects our city’s priorities.”

Mayor Toni Harp
New Haven, CT

“We REALLY love your product!”

Christopher Rose
Budget Director, Miami FL

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