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OpenGov offers modern, easy-to-use software to help you deliver better outcomes for your community. Streamline your budget process, analyze your performance, and involve citizens and elected officials every step of the way.


Plan effectively, together

OpenGov connects stakeholders to the budget process, and reduces clerical work and errors, resulting in improved outcomes and more time for strategic planning.

Simplify and streamline your budget process from planning through publication.

Operational Performance

Make informed, data-driven decisions

Transform complex financial and performance data into actionable insights and place the answers you and your team need at your fingertips.

Interactive reports with up-to-date data enable exploration and analysis by everyone in your agency.

Citizen Engagement

Involve stakeholders to build public trust.

Dramatically increase community involvement to gain valuable insights and improve public trust.

Build trust with an open data portal that answers common questions.

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