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Over 1,600 local governments, state agencies, special districts, and schools use OpenGov’s cloud-based software to modernize budgeting, procurement, permitting and licensing, asset management, reporting, and financial management.

“We are no longer stuck in our ways with how we do things. We want to be challenged. We want OpenGov to help us reimagine how we operate.”

Avatar for Jason M. Winters, Township Manager
Jason M. Winters, Township Manager

“Running five-year projections is much easier to manage with OpenGov. Our collaborators across departments tell us how much simpler and streamlined the process is for them with a shared platform, and we can forecast with confidence because we have the historical data at our fingertips.”

Avatar for Jonathan Nih, Senior Management Analyst
Jonathan Nih, Senior Management Analyst

“By understanding the cost of our time preparing the budget and the cost in time creating reliable forecasting models while managing the risks of errors when using multiple manual processes, the decision to transform our processes and invest in OpenGov was fairly straightforward.”

Avatar for June Overholt, Administrative Services Director
June Overholt, Administrative Services Director

“Our ability to share findings and recommendations with OpenGov Stories made opportunity costs explicit and tangible, and in response, Council amended the code of ordinances related to Committees to direct the use of OpenGov for budgeting and planning by all City departments.”

Avatar for Sylvia Carrillo, City Administrator
Sylvia Carrillo, City Administrator

“Rather than retrench, we decided to capitalize on heightened resident engagement to gather the insights and opinions of nearly 20% of our population to rewrite the County’s comprehensive plan and chart an economic path through the crisis and into the future.”

Avatar for Abel Montoya, County Manager
Abel Montoya, County Manager
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