Beaufort Leads the Way in Financial Transparency for South Carolina

As demand for financial transparency has gained momentum in local governments across the U.S., leaders in South Carolina have taken note. At a statewide conference of mayors last year, South Carolina officials urged municipal leaders to consider new strategies for increasing financial transparency in their towns and cities. The state—which maintains its own transparency site with checkbook spending, procurement, and employee salary data—urged municipalities to increase financial transparency by placing checkbook data online.

In Beaufort—a picturesque coastal village that is home to roughly 13,000 residents—Mayor Billy Keyserling and Finance Director Kathy Todd agreed they not only wanted to make revenue and spending data more transparent, but also aimed to provide residents with a comprehensive picture of the city’s financial data.

Learn how the City of Beaufort:

  • Is leading the way in South Carolina by providing comprehensive financial transparency
  • Enables citizens to understand how the city spends its money, compare spending between recent years, and see how department budgets change over time
  • Provides Council Members better visibility into the budget
  • Increases staff efficiency, including saving Finance Director Kathy Todd 90+ hours of work on reporting each year


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