Brentwood Educates Public with a Creative Survey Approach

The City of Brentwood is proving that knowledge is not just power—it’s also the first step toward building consensus.

In an effort to help the city better understand what level of service the community expects from its fire department, we collaborated to design a survey that collects feedback and also actively educates the public along the way.

The innovative spin on the survey is simple, yet effective: After residents answer a question, they are presented with information that aims to educate them. In light of this new information, residents are invited to reconsider the question.

The results so far show that residents are indeed being educated, and changing their responses accordingly.

For example, look at this sequence that follows. Below is a breakdown of the initial responses to one of the survey questions:

Respondents then saw this message with educational information:


After that, people changed their responses to this:


This approach is helping the city educate the public, while also establishing an important baseline about public safety expectations. At Peak Democracy, we welcome opportunities to develop creative approaches to public outreach such as this example in Brentwood.

If you’d like to brainstorm ways to bring fresh ideas to your next outreach effort, we encourage you to contact your Customer Success Manager.

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