Building the Connected Government: OpenGov Acquires Ontodia

We are excited to announce that OpenGov has acquired Ontodia , the leader in Open Data and performance management solutions using CKAN, the premier open-source data platform for government. This acquisition accelerates OpenGov’s vision of ushering in the era of connected government.


OpenGov Meets Ontodia: The Next Generation of Open Data

Governments have recently recognized that Open Data initiatives drive public engagement and better decision-making. Governments can now release richer data at little cost through open source solutions like CKAN, powered by declining storage costs and the rise of cloud computing from the likes of Amazon and IBM. We believe these advancements, coupled with OpenGov’s unique understanding of government financials, usher in the next generation of Open Data.

This is where Ontodia comes in. Its values and mission align with OpenGov’s. Ontodia strives to link Open Data across departments, agencies, and organizations worldwide to drive better transparency and performance. Our union brings two key Open Data capabilities to OpenGov.

First, Ontodia, and now OpenGov, manages CKAN installations for several of America’s largest cities. CKAN powers the world’s largest data portals such as and, and now governments of all sizes can benefit from enterprise-ready CKAN.

Enterprise-ready CKAN combines the benefits of a standards-based, open-source solution with the confidence of a fully managed implementation, extended with value-added modules that put data to work. Governments can now quickly and easily leverage the best open source solution for their Open Data efforts.

Second, Ontodia adds CivicDashboards to the OpenGov platform. CivicDashboards augments OpenGov’s real-time, multi-fund government financial data with the world’s largest repository of preloaded maps and longitudinal data from high-value sources such as the U.S. Census, Department of Labor Statistics, and the FBI. And, it provides a framework that enables development of sophisticated, customized operational dashboards for staff, managers, elected officials, and citizens with data from CKAN and other Open Data sources.

Adding CKAN and CivicDashboards to the OpenGov platform provides immediate value for governments looking to leverage financial and performance insights to inform their decisions, fulfill transparency and Open Data initiatives, and ultimately improve public services. We’re excited to get to work delivering these benefits to current and future customers.


Building the Connected Government Together

These efforts are just the beginning. We’re enabling the connected government, where governments wield cloud and data analytics technologies to create digital connections – within organizations, between governments, to infrastructure, and with the public. New insights and collaboration from these connections improve services and citizens’ quality of life.

Imagine the possibilities. State and local agencies will easily budget for shared infrastructure projects on a common platform, automatically integrating into each government’s capital budget. Governments will seamlessly share information on criminal movement across regions to coordinate public safety and education programs, tracking results with compelling dashboards and maps. Driverless cars will tap into real-time traffic and infrastructure data to plot efficient routes and reduce congestion. Citizens will learn about their governments as easily as they post to Facebook. These benefits will be so powerful that it will be irresponsible for governments not to connect.

This acquisition accelerates the launch of the connected government era. Over the coming years, we will continue to develop solutions based on the newest technologies and grounded in the wisdom of the thousands of government leaders in the OpenGov Network. We will keep working tirelessly to give our customers the tools they need to connect and thrive. Our governments need and deserve the best technology, and it is our civic duty to empower them.

Both of our companies have worked hard to achieve similar visions since our respective foundings, and this union marks the next step in a shared mission to transform the world’s most important industry.

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