Congratulations Ohio and West Virginia For Being Named the Most Transparent States

Yesterday, the U.S. Public Interest Research Group (PIRG) Education Fund and Frontier Group published their eighth annual Follow the Money report grading each U.S. state’s transparency initiatives from “A” to “F” based on its content and user-friendliness.

Two states tied for top honors this year: Ohio, which has topped the list three years in a row after being ranked 49th only a couple years ago, and West Virginia, which jumped from a B last year to an A+ this year.

Nearly one million people have visited Ohio’s transparency site – – since its debut by Treasurer Josh Mandel in 2014, an initiative that pulled the Ohio site from the 49th rank in 2014 to the 1st in a single year, a ranking they maintained ever since 2015!!.

Auditor JB McCuskey introduced West Virginia’s new transparency site – – in February of this year.

Transparency is key to building public trust. A highly respected government official once told me that public trust is “the coin of the realm.” What he meant was that without public trust, it’s hard to execute your strategic priorities and deliver the services that really make a difference for the community.

Everyone at OpenGov would like congratulate Treasurer Mandell, Auditor McCuskey, and their teams in Ohio and West Virginia for receiving top honors this year, and building public trust among their communities.

We’re fortunate and honored to play a part in both states’ success, and we’re excited to continue our partnerships to help both states be even more effective and accountable.


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