Empowering Department Heads with Personalized Reports

Monthly financial reports advance understanding of departmental performance. Each month, the Finance team compiles expenditure, revenue, and performance information and distributes reports to Department Heads, Analysts, and Elected Officials.

While useful, these reports often create new questions: why did Overtime spending spike? How does April’s sales tax revenue compare to last year’s? These questions either remain unanswered or produce a constant back-and-forth with the Finance team.

Did you know you can use OpenGov to personalize monthly financial and performance reports for your Department Heads and let them answer follow-up questions on their own?

To create personalized reports, copy a “base” report and customize it as necessary. Copying a report is easy (and it’s not plagiarism):

1. Navigate to the base report you want to copy.

2. Click “Create Copy”, and give your new report a unique name.

3. Select “Copy”, and voila! You now have your own report to personalize for your Department Heads (or for yourself).

Once you make a report, Department Heads can bookmark specific questions within reports using Saved Views. Have questions about Overtime spending or sales tax revenues? The answer is available, all the time, in their report.

Next month, ensure Department Heads get the information they need by pointing them to OpenGov so they can view and interact with reports, learning more with the click of a mouse.



Jason Carian is a Product Manager at OpenGov. Prior to OpenGov, he spent years building software for consumer and web enterprises. He began his career in the aeronautics industry as an engineer for The Boeing Company. In his spare time, Jason enjoys long walks on the beach.

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