Exploring OpenGov Reporting 1 of 5: Budget Milestones

The annual budget process determines a government’s spending and reflects its priorities. Every department has a role — line personnel from across the government come together to form a Budget Team. In addition to updating their respective departments on the budget process,Budget team members coordinate their department’s budget requests and presentations, as the Finance, Budget, and executive offices assemble a balanced budget proposal for action by their legislative bodies. Budgets are revised multiple times throughout the process until, after months of hard work, Council adopts a final budget.

OpenGov’s Budget Milestones Report simplifies the budget process. It reports the budget’s progress at each key stage — allowing stakeholders to drill down with the click of a button. Users can understand the tradeoffs and key decisions in the budget process, update every department, and share those insights with the public if desired.

Nobles County, Minnesota, uses the Budget Milestones Report to streamline its budget process, ensure the entire county is on the same page and inform the public. The Budget Milestones Report — developed in close collaboration with OpenGov’s finance experts — allows Nobles County to answer questions like:

How much did Nobles County allocate for Salaries and Wages in its 2016 Initial Budget?



What does Nobles County intend to spend on its Sheriff, according to its 2016 initial budget?



Any user in Nobles County can find the answers to these and other questions with the click of a button. The animated image below illustrates how users navigate the Budget Milestones Report.



Join OpenGov on October 7th at 1:30 EST/ 10:30 PST for a webinar where we will walk you through how to create these reports so you can streamline your budget process.

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