Exploring OpenGov Reporting 2 of 5: Nonfinancial Data

September 22, 2015 – Brandon Camhi

Nonfinancial data provide important insights into a government’s performance through metrics as diverse as ambulance response times, power consumption, and permit requests.

OpenGov Intelligence displays nonfinancial data in both tabular form and in visualizations. Users can explore and manipulate nonfinancial data with the click of a button, a departure from traditional workflows that rely on spreadsheet outputs. Without OpenGov, analysts must re-query systems if they wish to mix and match information.

Local governments use OpenGov for nonfinancial data. For example, many OpenGov customers upload 311 Service Request data every week to track the types and amounts of Open, Overdue, and Closed requests across departments and determine which departments have the most overdue requests. They also determine how long it takes departments to close requests.

Other OpenGov customers measure water consumption and production. This helps governments understand if they’re at risk of a water shortage. These users switch between different views and view data in both grid and visual formats, pivoting the data by clicking a button:

OpenGov allows users to navigate nonfinancial data and switch views by clicking a button. The animated image below shows nonfinancial data in action.

Category: Government Finance