GFOA 2017: What We’re Looking Forward to at This Year’s Conference

At OpenGov, a number of us are packing our bags and getting ready for the GFOA 2017 Annual Conference, which runs from May 21-24 in Denver, Colorado.

We’ve been reviewing the session topics, including leveraging budget systems, increasing transparency through digitization, creatively engaging stakeholders, and long-term financial planning amid uncertainty.

These areas hit home for us, as we have been actively engaged in the best practices around each of these public sector challenges and how they intersect with technology. We’re constantly working to review and provide helpful resources to help public sector leaders better understand these issues and identify best practices for addressing them.


Helpful Resources for Review

In our Administrator’s Guide to Financial Transparency, for example, we highlight best practices concerning online transparency, providing practical, cost-effective approaches that municipalities can take immediately to strengthen trust and communication. Open data financial transparency portals, for example, should show comprehensive data in a centralized location, offer an inviting and intuitive platform, provide multiple years of data, and access to detailed financials. It should facilitate engagement among internal staff, help communicate with elected officials, and proactively provide citizens with access information.

Our recently released executive brief, Discovering Next Generation Open Data, explores the value of opening data so that it is available, accessible, and approachable to anyone at any time. The brief provides insightful case studies that illustrate how governments of all sizes have implemented open data technology solutions to create internal efficiencies and provide usable data to the private, non-profit, and themselves in the public sector.

Finally, we have been exploring aspects of how governments are working to ensure long-term financial stability amid uncertain economic times. Our recent webinar, Budgeting for Success Amid Uncertainty, features leaders in the field presenting their strategies for modernizing government budget planning given current (and future) uncertainty. Successful strategic approaches include leveraging technology to streamline reporting and track budgeted-to-actual financials, evaluating and balancing departmental priorities, and creating interactive visualizations of “what-if” scenarios.


Stop by Booth #315

We are excited to network, share ideas, and explore these topics further at this year’s GFOA conference. We hope you take the time to stop by our booth (#315) to chat with us and learn more.

We will be looking for you at Booth #315. See you there! #GFOA2017



Photo Source: Sheila Sund / Flickr CC


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