How Citizens Can Drive Change in Today’s Government

How Citizens Can Drive Change in Today’s Government

From a citizen’s perspective, local government can often seem too slow, technologically outdated, and a nuisance to have to interact with when engaging in services. It doesn’t have to be this way. Governments, like business, are not immune to the impact of digital transformation. In fact, OpenGov studied our customer base of 1,800+ local and county governments and found something intriguing: there are passionate, forward thinking City Managers and County Managers who are leading the charge to make government more modern, effective and accountable.

We dubbed this trend the “Open Impact Movement” — and discovered that governments that take this approach have three things in common:

They all:

    1. Use open technology platforms for financial transparency, improving effectiveness, and making data accessible to the public


    1. Modernize their budgeting process with cloud-based software to cut down the time they spend on the process


  1. Focus on performance measurement to ensure tax payers’ money is well spent and services are optimized for their communities

Combined, these three shifts in how governments work create major change and often help governments do more without raising taxes. Citizens are better served and tax dollars go farther and create greater impact.

You can help your government change

Not every local and county government is aware of this Open Impact movement. If you’re a citizen who would like to introduce this concept at your next council meeting, download 3 Easy Ways to Introduce the Open Impact Movement to Your Government for action steps to take.


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