How Public Sector Agencies are Budgeting for Success Amid Uncertainty

Municipal leaders and government finance directors across the country have much in common, particularly the challenges associated with budgeting effectively given uncertain economic environments. Whether you are navigating a tenuous recovery landscape, anticipating revenue cuts from state or federal sources, or preparing for the next downturn, you are ultimately tasked with ensuring your agency’s fiscal stability. This demands strengthening budgeting processes and approaches.

Budgeting for Success Amid Uncertainty,” is an expert-led webinar where municipal leaders share effective strategies for modernizing the government budget planning process in an era marked by growing resource strains and demands. View the webinar on-demand.

The Budgeting Takeaways

Specifically, speakers will illustrate how they successfully leveraged technology, such as OpenGov’s government budget software, to:

  • Create operational efficiencies by empowering staff and saving time;
  • Streamline reporting and tracking of budgeted-to-actual financials;
  • Evaluate and balance departmental priorities; and
  • Create interactive illustrations of “what if” scenarios for the public and non-financial staff.

The Presenters

The following presenters will offer their own perspectives rooted in their professional experiences, successes, and learnings:

  • Bill Statler, Former Finance and IT Director of San Luis Obispo, CA;
  • Hyun Kim, Finance Director of Boulder City, NV; and
  • Mike McCann, Former Finance Director of Ukiah, CA, and VP of Government Finance Solutions for OpenGov.

Together, they will share how they worked or are currently working to achieve operational stability while navigating uncertainty, and how they strive to maximize internal performance while simultaneously strengthening buy-in among elected and public stakeholders – critical components of the budgeting success for municipal agencies.

Additional Resources on Government Budget Software & More

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