How to double the efficiency of the budget process using an Open Impact approach

Too often budgeting is a pain to get done. Manual methods, multiple versions sent to stakeholders in spreadsheets, and data errors slow the process and decrease effectiveness. Not to mention the late nights and weekends that have become a part of the budget season ritual.

At OpenGov, we interact with a customer base of 1,800 state and local governments and we started to see a pattern that certain governments had in common. It piqued our interest and we dove deeper. We found public servants are addressing the challenges found in budgeting, finding how to better measure performance, and tackling the limitations of their technology investments. Their goal is to make their agency more effective and drive better outcomes for the public they serve.

They didn’t have a name for what they were doing, but they had a shared passion to make a greater difference and make government more effective and accountable. We found enough of a pattern to deem this a definite trend and we labeled it: “Open Impact.”

Those governments who embrace the Open Impact approach all had three things in common:

  • Use open technology platforms to drive efficiency, ease-of-use, and collaboration
  • Modernize the budget approach to drastically reduce time spent on budget management
  • Focus on performance to track and measure outcomes as a way to identify priorities and reallocate resources for greater results

The fact that governments are taking this Open Impact approach is exciting and we are proud to be able to support this growing movement. It’s evident that Open Impact is the key to shifting government to be more effective and accountable. It ensures decisions are aligned with the priorities of the public and elected officials.

Does it take an effort to change? Yes. But governments dedicated to the Open Impact way are seeing amazing results:

  • 50% reduction in manual efforts during the budget process
  • 80% reduction in time spent producing reports
  • 1-2% freed up budget for optimization and reallocation

And your government can do it, too.

We invite you to download a complimentary copy of our white paper: Open Impact: How governments can use open platforms, modern budgeting, and a focus on performance to drive better decisions and outcomes to learn how this movement can change the way your government gets work done and help you make a greater difference.

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