How to Monitor 311 Requests in OpenGov

Your government may have a dedicated 311 response team, or each department may have its own staff for relevant requests. Regardless of which approach your government takes, management needs a way to keep tabs on requests, monitor ticket status, and determine whether tickets were closed on time or late. It’s also important to analyze trends in 311 call causes.

For example, you may want to see the leading causes of a 311 report by department, and loading your 311 data into OpenGov and keeping it fresh can give you these insights.

Once you’ve created your 311 report in OpenGov (feel free to contact your Customer Success representative for help!), follow the steps below to gain insights into leading causes by department:

  1. Open your 311 report and click on ‘Open Requests’ in the chart to review all open service requests
  2. Drill into the year 2016 to see this year’s performance
  3. In the “Broken Down By” menu, select “Department ” to see which departments are responsible for the open requests
  4. Click on a given department and select “Ticket Description” in the “Broken Down By” menu to what the top causes for service requests


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