Introducing Performance Reporting

The decisions you make have a massive impact on the lives of both your residents and your constituents. However, your decisions can only be as good as the intelligence that you can glean from your available information. OpenGov’s performance reporting will help users better understand the impact of their current programs so they can optimize performance and reach their agency’s goals.

Find the insights you need to make effective, data-driven decisions and dynamically improve your strategic initiatives in a collaborative environment. Through an interactive interface, you can measure your performance against defined goals, preserve your insights, and report results across departments. It’s seamless Performance Reporting from analysis through optimization.


Find the insights you need to optimize outcomes
With quick access to your data, you can easily see how each strategic initiative is performing and prescribe how to improve it. Then, you can visually share your outcomes in a narrative when you combine Outcome Reporting with Stories. It’s the most communicative way to reach your goals.

Visualize your performance, dynamically
The interactive explorer combines sleek, dynamic graphics with a flexible and intuitive interface to easily create custom reports with value-based and percent-based data.

Glean insights from tabular data
Combine financial and non-financial datasets to see a more precise picture of your programs’ outcomes and report results internally and externally.

Preserve your insights and share your learnings across departments
Save your filters to track and analyze performance and inform your budget process.

Customize and save your view in a few clicks
Toggle through the aggregate to the granular levels to visualize the nuances in your outcomes.

Focus on strategic priorities
Free up time formerly spent on tedious data collection and analysis to strategically improve ongoing operations and optimize your budget.

Work with calculations and conditionals
Use math operations between columns or apply if/then statements to create new columns of information.

Track your budget quickly
Intuitively visualize the way you track your budget.

Performance Reporting Use Cases

Outcome Reporting
Understand the nuances of your tabular data through dynamic visualization.


Data Entry and Collection
Uncover insights from disparate data points including Data Entry.


Data Augmentation
Quickly perform data transformations and expedite exports to Excel.


Data Visualization
Tailor your data visualization to quickly tell your story.


Richer KPIs
Optimize how you track performance over time.


Tabular Comparisons
Compare outcomes across programs, departments, business units, and regions.


Departmental Budget Comparisons
Visually compare budget versus actuals across departments.


Budget Reports
Toggle through meaningful categories to quickly understand how your budget is tracking.



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