It just got easier to create and share reports with OpenGov

Top-notch reporting drives success. OpenGov users around the country use our financial and performance reporting tools to gain new insights, share them around the organization and inform the public. We are thrilled to announce two new product features that make it easier for you to create and personalize reports in OpenGov.

Eliminate “trial and error” with new OpenGov Reporting Templates

Report templates give you a starting point to create compelling reports and visualizations to help you run your government. Simply follow the template’s step-by-step instructions to build your own version. We started with the three templates below. And we’ve got several more on the way.

  • Checkbook Reporting: Dive into your transactions with checkbook reporting. View and analyze your vendor payments, invoices and other information from your ledgers and checkbooks at the transaction-level. Governments around America share checkbook reports through Open Data initiatives, and our template shows you step by step how you can too.
  • Water Consumption: Customers like Northglenn, CO build water consumption reports that break down water consumption by season, use, and other metrics. See how much water is spent in apartments or businesses. Use the template to build a water consumption report for your organization.
  • Police Runs: Use OpenGov’s Police Runs template to easily build reports that show police activity. The report depicts runs by region, by crime type, etc. with interactive visualizations. Answer hot-button questions about police performance with the click of a button.



Create personalized reports for your management team with the click of a button

Our new Report Cloning feature lets you instantly create and personalize unique reports for managers and staff across the organization. Start with a base report, then make as many customized copies as you need with the click of a button. For example, you can create personalized reports for your departments.

Department heads need tailored expenditure reports. There’s no reason for the Library Director and the Police Chief to need a monthly report that highlights the same information. But your City Manager needs a broader perspective. Now, with OpenGov, you can satisfy everyone’s reporting needs.



Putting it all together

OpenGov allows you to create a living, breathing repository of reports that helps you and your colleagues run more efficiently and make better data-driven decisions. And helps you tell your story to the public. With these new features you can create new reports faster, and ensure they are in the hands (and mobile devices) of all the people that need them!

Ready to take your reporting to the next level?

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Jason Carian is a Product Manager at OpenGov. You can contact him at

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