John Chambers Joins OpenGov Board of Directors to Digitize Government

We’re excited to announce that John Chambers, Cisco’s Executive Chairman and Former CEO, has joined OpenGov’s Board of Directors.

Chambers believes, as we do, that embracing digitization and connectivity positions all levels of government for success. He joins OpenGov to help us improve public administration by leveraging the latest in a series of technological shifts that have transformed citizens’ needs and expectations about government services.

Governments have always needed to embrace new paradigms and technologies

In some cases, citizens still expect similar services as they did two centuries ago – people wanted infrastructure such as canals then; they want bridges, airports, and roads now. Governments still collect taxes, provide police protection, and administer justice. But although these general service categories have remained the same, their administration has grown more complex over time.

Citizens’ expectations of their governments have also transformed. Many of these shifts are due to major events; for example, the Great Depression convinced Americans that governments should provide a social safety net. Other changes, such as expectations for rapid postal delivery and clean water, occurred because of technological innovations such as airplanes and networked piping. Technology disrupts public administration as new tools and paradigms shift citizens’ expectations and demands on their governments.

But today’s need is unprecedented

Chambers believes we are living through an unprecedented era of technological disruption. In an interview with McKinsey and Company, he said:

“This digital era will dwarf what’s occurred in the information era and the value of the Internet today. As leaders, if you don’t transform and use this technology differently—if you don’t reinvent yourself, change your organization structure; if you don’t talk about speed of innovation—you’re going to get disrupted.”

These reinventions and changes constitute vast technology-enabled improvements in public administration, improvements that OpenGov strives to help governments embrace. We’re enabling unprecedented collaboration across cities, states, and even countries. We’re leveraging data science to ensure public money delivers the highest-possible ROI. We’re empowering governments to show citizens how services improve a community’s outcomes.

John Chambers is uniquely positioned to help us. He grew Cisco from $1.2 billion in revenue when he became CEO to a record $48.6 billion in FY 2013. Chambers has also spent nearly two decades on initiatives bridging tech and government, and he has spoken extensively on the need for digitization and connectivity across all levels of government.

We’re excited to have John Chambers on our Board of Directors. He will help us continue to scale and give governments the tools to successfully serve the world’s most important customer base: we the people.

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