McKinney, Texas Pioneers New OpenGov Reporting Capabilities

Credit: Rick Ray/Get McKinney

A Commitment to Excellence in Financial Management

McKinney, Texas ranks #1 on Money Magazine’s list of “Best Places to Live in America”. McKinney boasts a historic downtown square, a diverse and involved business community, beautiful parks, and a charming hometown feeling.

The city’s Finance officials — Rodney Rhoades (CFO), Trudy Mathis (Senior Financial Services Manager), and Trevor Minyard (Financial Analyst) — are on the leading edge of government finance, using OpenGov to improve their internal operations in ways that no local government has before.

Saving Time and Resources in Day-to-Day Operations

Dealing with the raw data of tens of thousands of accounts is no easy task. That is why, at the end of Fiscal Year 2014, the McKinney finance team began looking for a better solution. They first attempted to solve this problem by creating a static report in Excel at the end of each month to share with stakeholders. “We found out very quickly that we have a lot of data, and it was hard to manipulate,” says Minyard. “It would take me fifteen working days to get the documents and associated memo to the City Manager so it can be presented to Council. We would be publishing an October report at the end of November. By that point, the council and the departments were already on to bigger and better things.” That’s when the team decided to partner with OpenGov. Minyard describes how, since McKinney implemented OpenGov technology, he has been able to “create and share the closing month’s financial data by noon on day one of the following month.”

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