Measuring the Diversity of Local Government Leaders Across the U.S.

At OpenGov, our mission is to power more effective and accountable government. There’s a saying: “what gets measured, gets improved.” We couldn’t agree more. Our Budgeting and Performance solutions are designed to help governments better understand and then improve their budgeting and performance.

That’s why we were so excited when ELGL Co-Founder Kirsten Wyatt asked if we were interested in helping local governments measure and improve their diversity. Of course we are! After several months of work, we’re excited to share the Local Government Diversity Dashboard—a new tool from ELGL that measures the gender, race, age, and veteran status of local government Chief Administrative Officers and Assistant Chief Administrative Officers across the U.S. While some local government associations collect diversity information about their members, the Dashboard is the first nation-wide analysis of diversity among local government leaders across all forms of government.

ELGL is using our Communications and Reporting solution to aggregate, organize, and visualize the data from the Dashboard, and share key insights from it using stories that combined images, graphics, data, and written text.

If you’re wondering how diverse look government leaders are, check out the findings here. And if you’re a local government leader and you haven’t taken the survey, be sure to take it here!

Thanks to the Dashboard, we now have a better understanding of diversity among local government leaders. That understanding puts us in a better position to increase diversity, and that’s something everyone at OpenGov is proud to be part of!

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