My Journey From Government to OpenGov: Seth Cummins

Seth is a former financial analyst for the City of Milpitas, CA. He is currently a customer success implementation analyst for OpenGov. Here is the story of how Seth found OpenGov and why he joined the OpenGov team.


Could you give a brief overview of your role and responsibilities with the City of Milpitas?

I was the Financial Analyst in the Budget Department for two years. My main responsibilities included training departments on using our budgeting and publishing software, the collection, analysis, and summarization of budget data throughout the budgeting process, as well as the creation of the operating budget book. I was also tasked with sourcing and implementing new software for the budget office.


What were some of the pain points that you were looking to alleviate with technology?

Time savings and data accuracy are the two things I am always looking to achieve with any new technology-based solution. In my role at the city, I was looking for ways to improve our budgeting process on all fronts, make for easier departmental entries, create a sole source of truth, and simplify the budget book process.


How did you become aware of OpenGov? What were your first impressions?

The City of Milpitas purchased OpenGov’s Management Reporting shortly before I started, so I was brought into the implementation process. I was very impressed the first time OpenGov was demoed for me. The first thing that really caught my eye was the ease of use; I immediately saw the potential it had for displaying financial data in a way that the public could make full use of.


Why did Milpitas select OpenGov?

City Council and the administration at the city wanted to increase public transparency, and that was what brought us to OpenGov.


What made you want to work for OpenGov?

First and foremost it was the people. I worked closely with three people on the OpenGov team during our deployment, and it motivated me to put it on my resume. I was not sure about the choice to move from government to technology until the day I went to the Redwood City HQ for my interview. Once I met the team and learned more about the position, I was hooked.


What is it like working at OpenGov?

Challenging, and worth every moment. There is a certain pride that you feel when you work to serve the public. I thought I would miss that when I left the city, but the truth is I still feel it every time I help one of our customers. There is a real passion here for empowering government, and it is evident in our culture and our actions.


What about OpenGov makes you most excited for the future of Government? How about GovTech?

Looking to the future of OpenGov and GovTech, in general, it’s all about the potential that exists in this space. Coming to OpenGov from the other side has shown me not only how far we have come, but how much longer the road is. There are practical and effective ways that all areas of government can be enabled with better tools that will give them improved results for less time spent.




Interested in joining OpenGov’s mission to make government more effective and accountable? Check out our current job openings.

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