New Feature: Expanded Summary Rows

What is it?

We’ve added a feature to our Summary Tables which allows you to expand each row to show the underlying functions (be it department, division, sub division, etc) and their corresponding amounts.


Why did we build it?

A couple months ago, we realized that the majority of the governments using OpenGov were creating reports with data they already have on the OpenGov Platform. We knew there was an opportunity to streamline workflows and make report creation faster and easier using OpenGov.

The ways governments are using this new feature are growing by the day. We’ve seen customers:

  • Highlight Profit & Losses for events run by the city.
  • Quickly investigate a spike in department spending by looking at the year over year trends of each division.
  • Show government-wide Expense vs. Revenue by account.
  • Review proposed budgets across departments and their divisions.
  • Email report links to department heads on the performance of their divisions (and subdivisions) versus Budget.


How do you use it?

We’ve enabled row expansion for all OpenGov users!

From your report, click on the “View Table” button to view your Summary Table. Next to each row, there will be a small arrow. If you click the arrow, you will see the row expand, showing the amounts that exist underneath.

The expanded rows also flow to our exports, so exporting this out of our system is as easy as a click of a button.



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