News You Can Use – April 6, 2018

News You Can Use is a new blog series we kicked off at OpenGov to summarize top insights from the week that can help you govern better.

Using Experiential Scavenger Hunts to Get Approval for an Open Data Portal

If you’re having a hard time getting buy-in to launch an open data portal, you’ve got to read this post. It explains how Williamson County Schools CFO Leslie Holman used “experiential scavenger hunt” to Get Board members to approve the purchase of an open data portal.

How to Finance Pensions and OPEB

Last week our Director of Government Finance Solutions Charlie Francis hosted a webinar and provided tips and tricks to help finance pensions and OPEB. If you missed it, don’t worry; we’ve got you covered! Here’s the link to the eBook that details all of Charlie’s recommendations.

How to Determine if Blockchain is Right for Your Government

Blockchain is everywhere, and many governments are considering using it. Interested in learning more about blockchain and figuring out whether or not it’s right for your government? Lucky for you NextGov reports that the American Council for Technology and Industry Advisory Council published a step-by-step guide for vendors and agencies looking to bring blockchain to the government.

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