News You Can Use – March 16, 2018

News You Can Use is a new blog series we kicked off at OpenGov to summarize top insights from the week that can help you govern better.


Are Open Data Efforts Working?

While publishing data online is a step in the right direction, often governments aren’t being as transparent as they think because they’re sharing data in formats that most people don’t understand – like spreadsheets and PDFs. That’s why we find this story from GovTech so interesting. It explores whether or not open data efforts are doing what they should do.


The Wall Street Journal Reports Millennials Are Shaking Up Government

When we posted this story on our Twitter handle, and LinkedIn and Facebook pages, it immediately caused a stir. Regardless of your take on millennials, it’s an interesting look at how these ‘agents of destruction’ govern.


Lessons Learned on Implementing a Cloud-based Budgeting Solution

Lawrence, KS, Finance Director Bryan Kidney teamed up with our Budget team to share his “ journey to cloud-based budgeting… and lessons learned from his implementation.” Wondering why you should read this post? Take it from Bryan: “Gone are the long hours — no more nights and weekends! The manual work is greatly reduced. Between the technology and process improvements, we cut the time spent administering the budget in half and are using that time to be more strategic.”


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