News You Can Use – March 30, 2018

News You Can Use is a new blog series we kicked off at OpenGov to summarize top insights from the week that can help you govern better.


Why Are States So Strapped For Cash?

The Wall Street Journal says there are two reasons states are strapped for cash: “The proportion of state and local tax revenues dedicated to Medicaid and public pensions is the highest since the 1960s.” The story goes onto say that “As state and local officials prepare their next budgets, many are finding that spending decisions have already been made for them by two must-fund line items that barely mattered when baby boomers such as Mr. Leavitt were growing up: Medicaid, the state-federal health insurance program for the poor and disabled, and public-employee health and retirement costs.” Definitely worth a read!


The Biggest Challenges Facing State and Local Government

Any guesses? According to Route Fifty’s 2018 Management Survey, human capital was the number one challenge for state and local governments. Here are the top six concerns:

For more insight, you can get the details here.


Big Data Can Help Solve Big City Problems, but Watch for the Potholes

Data analysis and collecting offers a lot of possibilities. But you can’t overlook concerns like transparency and privacy. That was the focus of one of the panels at the third annual Smart Cities Connect Conference and Expo this week. GovTech reports that Eric Roche, chief data officer for Kansas City, said “It seems that our public has decided to hold private companies to a different standard when it comes to privacy. And that’s okay. And governments to another. And that’s okay too. But it becomes an issue when you start to share it between the two.”


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