News You Can Use – March 9, 2018

Biggest Ever Research on How Lies Spread Online

The spread of misinformation online is causing headaches for governments across the globe. The New York Times wrote a fascinating story on a new study that discovered that “false stories spread significantly farther, faster & more broadly on social than true ones.” Definitely a must read for everyone in governing.

City Leaders Plan for the Future

Governing reports that government leaders attending SXSW next week will discuss the broader issues that communities will face in coming decades, and share insights about how they plan for long-term risks and opportunities. Visit to follow Governing’s ongoing coverage of the conference.

Should Governments Pay People to Make Good Decisions?

Believe it or not, some governments have taken the controversial next step of actually paying citizens to make good decisions. Governing explores the topic in its new podcast, Go Public. Check it out!

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