OpenGov Expert’s Corner: Analyzing Uniform Payments

Did you know you can answer questions about spending on uniforms in OpenGov with your Checkbook report?

Finance directors, department heads, and citizens may want to find and analyze a government’s spending on uniforms for several important reasons:

  • Showing the effects of camera purchases: The city purchased body cameras for all of its officers last year, but now, people may not know about the purchase. They may complain that uniform expenses consume too much of the budget. The finance director wants to tell the story around why the spike was so high.
  • Finding total uniform costs: A finance director wants to know the city’s total uniform cost and analyze how it changes based on the number of uniforms in circulation.
  • Assessing vendors: A department head changed uniform vendors because the new vendor’s uniforms are more durable. She wants to see if this change impacted the department’s financials.
  • Budgeting: A department head knows last year’s uniform expenses were very high because of a massive one-time purchase. She wants to know how much to request for the upcoming year, knowing that the overall cost will be lower. However, she still needs to see historical maintenance charges because to inform her request.

Instead of querying your accounting system, sifting through spreadsheets, or asking your finance director (if you aren’t one yourself), you can get the information you need in OpenGov. All you need to do is follow the steps below:

1.Log into OpenGov and open a Checkbook report.

2. Enter “uniform” in the search bar, and press “Enter”.

3. Analyze trends by Department, Expense Description, and Vendor Name

4. Deepen your analysis by drilling into a particular year. Simply click on the year label on the horizontal axis in the visualization.



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