Enhancing Fiscal Impact Reports

April 21, 2016 – Charlie Francis

It’s time to develop a staff report’s fiscal impact section. We often start with a base set of fiscal facts extracted from our ERP, annual financial report, or adopted budget. We retrieve the data, load it into a spreadsheet program like Excel, and perform our analysis.

OpenGov makes this easier. It can become the official on-line, on-demand repository for timely and accurate financial information. Paste a link to an OpenGov report as the source for the bases of analysis, both within the staff report and in any accompanying Power Point presentations.

Easily understandable and interactive charts and tables reinforce the credibility of the bases of your analysis, and show Council and citizens that information is factual and can be validated and relied upon. Debates over what the facts are replaced by discussions focused on applying the facts to analysis and policy deliberations.

Category: Product Advice