OpenGov Procurement Receives AEP Certification through NPI

Written by: Thao Jones-Hill, SVP, OpenGov Procurement

We are thrilled to announce that OpenGov’s Procurement suite has received the Achievement of Excellence in Procurement Certified Platform designation for its end-to-end eProcurement and contract management software, issued by the National Procurement Institute (NPI).

NPI has been one of the strongest public procurement thought leadership organizations for over 56 years. Their reputation for fostering collaboration, best practices and excellence in the space is well-recognized by procurement leaders throughout the country. In 1995, NPI established the prestigious Achievement of Excellence in Procurement certification which today serves as the gold standard for public agencies who want to ensure their procurement organizations excel in the areas of innovation, professionalism, productivity, e‐procurement, and leadership.

What does this mean? Since OpenGov now meets and exceeds the new AEP Certified eProcurement Platform criteria (yay, we did it!) agencies utilizing OpenGov Procurement can bypass the arduous application criteria related to eProcurement and instead simply designate their use of OpenGov functionality!

The certification’s technical criteria include:

Electronic Sourcing (AEP® Criteria 7b)
1. Online vendor registration
2. Automatic vendor notification of solicitation opportunities
3. Posting of the solicitation online for vendor review
4. Online vendor responses
5. Posting of the resulting solicitation tabulations and award documentation

Electronic Evaluations and Automated Scorecard: (AEP® Criteria 7c)
1. Online review and scoring of proposals
2. Digital notices to evaluators of required evaluations and deadlines
3. Digital scorecards that automatically calculate individual scores, provide for comments and notes, and provide a means to qualify and/or rank respondents

Why did we pursue this certification? Public procurement professionals serve a critical role in the growth, vibrancy, and safety of communities across the nation. At OpenGov, our role is to offer the smartest, most innovative software products and services to support the public procurement community – so they can maximize their agencies’ successes along with their own professional successes. We’re honored to be recognized by the National Procurement Institute and will continue to raise the bar by bringing game-changing innovations to the procurement community in the years to come.

In addition to meeting the minimum requirements needed to achieve the AEP certification, OpenGov offers the industry’s most automated solicitation development solution, which has many agencies spending 75% less time building RFPs and bids; and, offers unique features, like:

  • Built-in records retention policies
  • Contract onboarding checklist automation
  • Powerful procurement ecosystem integrations
  • AI powered scope of work assistant
  • Solicitation assembly automation
  • Reverse auctions
  • Live chat support to internal teams and vendors
  • And more…


About OpenGov

OpenGov is the leader in modern cloud software for cities, counties, state agencies, and special districts. With a mission to power a more effective and accountable government, OpenGov serves more than 1900 public sector leaders and their organizations. OpenGov is built exclusively for the unique budgeting and planning, accounting, permitting and licensing, procurement, and asset management needs of the public sector. The OpenGov Cloud empowers organizations to operate more efficiently, adapt to change, and strengthen trust with the communities they serve. Learn more or request a demo.

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