OpenGov to Bring Open, Standards-Based Transparency Sites to Governments

Data is Infrastructure. It’s the digital foundation that 21st century data-driven governments are built on. Our data infrastructure – like the electrical grid and the Internet – must be built on open platforms and standards to reach scale.

The US Congress agrees. Last year, the Senate and the House both passed versions of the Open, Public, Electronic and Necessary Government (OPEN) Data Act, which mandates that government data must be available in a machine-readable, open format – and there’s a concerted effort to reconcile these versions and pass it as law.

That’s why we’re so excited to share that OpenGov is adopting the Fiscal Data Package (FDP) – a user-oriented open standard for publishing and consuming fiscal data – the day after Open Knowledge International (OKI) published v1.0 of the specification.

OKI has been working on the FDP standard since 2013, with the sponsorship of the International Budget Partnership, the Omidyar Network,, the Global Initiative for Fiscal Transparency, and the World Bank.

OpenGov will adopt and promote FDP by:

  • Making FDP available to all of OpenGov’s 1,900+ government partners.
  • Creating a FDP reference implementation of the US Digital Accountability and Transparency (DATA) Act that Congress passed unanimously in 2014 that mandates a standard for reporting financial government data. We’ll do this by mapping/containerizing v1.2 of the DATA Act Information Schema that was just released last December.
  • Bundling Data Packages support into OpenGov’s Managed CKAN service.


We believe the OPEN and DATA Acts provide the necessary legal and technical framework for the 21st century data-driven government. With the adoption of these open standards, we’ll help governments not only comply with these Acts, we’ll accelerate the adoption of open, standards-based data infrastructure.

OpenGov is currently running a beta program with several government partners and will make FDP widely available later this year. Current OpenGov customers who want to join the FDP beta program should contact their Customer Success Representative.


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