Palo Alto Builds Trust and Streamlines Information Requests Using OpenGov

Located in the heart of Silicon Valley, the City of Palo Alto is home to iconic technology brands such as Hewlett-Packard, VMware, Tesla Motors, Skype, and Palantir Technologies and serves one of the most innovative communities in the country. Citizens of Palo Alto expect their city to carry out the regular business of government and, at the same time, be the standard-bearer for data-driven decision-making and clear, effective communication.

In 2012, Palo Alto engaged in a partnership with OpenGov, a government technology company founded by computer scientists and data engineers from Stanford University. Together, Palo Alto and OpenGov saw an opportunity to transform the city’s budget books from static financial outputs housed in PDF documents into meaningful, interactive information that stakeholders could use to understand their city’s goals and priorities.

Read the full case study to learn how Palo Alto:

  • Improves public trust by making their financial data more accessible and understandable.
  • Reduces time spent responding to information requests by 50%.
  • Saves time and money managing financial data.
  • Partners with OpenGov to collaborate on powerful new solutions for governments.


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