Permanent Government Change: What’s Behind the Driving Forces and How to Welcome It

August 8, 2022 – OpenGov

The Perfect Storm

Government agencies are facing a perfect storm of both challenges and opportunities that are transforming how they work and serve the public, including:

  • Once-in-a-generation federal funding to help state, local, special, and school district leaders digitally transform;
  • Historic human capital lows, requiring leaders to provide critical services with fewer resources;
  • Shifts in how constituents and businesses want to engage with and access public information and services; and
  • Outdated and legacy technology systems, forcing the adoption of efficient, modern, and simplified workflows and processes.  

There’s Never Been a Better Time to Transform

Taken together, these risks and opportunities underscore that there has never been a better time for innovative leadership. The first step is recognizing that there is no going back to the way things were, and that’s ok. 

The era of shared spreadsheets, paper-based processes, data disconnects, and utterly insufficient transparency around services and operations is over. Public administrators can’t hire their way out of this storm, even if they could attract top talent. Instead, they need better tools that improve their efficiency and performance.

Sure, ensuring long-term financial sustainability, while also meeting strategic goals depends on the dry stuff: financial management and accounting, budgeting, workforce planning, capital planning, procurement,  permitting, and licensing. But, all of these functions are best performed with modern technology solutions that connect key departments and critical data, clarifies workflows and enables transparency, and improves the overall experience for constituents and businesses.

Serving as supporting evidence, there are innovative public administrators – including East Providence, RI, and Montgomery County, PA  – looking to OpenGov to help them expand their tax base, show the value of capital improvements, and meet the long-term needs of their communities.

Join OpenGov, and dozens of other local government thought leaders at OpenGov Transform, as they share how they are welcoming change and making lasting impact to their communities.

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