Restoring Public Trust with OpenGov

In 1958, three in four Americans said they trusted their government. Today, only one in four do.

Five decades of declining public trust was only exacerbated by the Great Recession. Trust in state government declined by 24 percent between 2006 to 2009 and (like the economy) has experienced a slow and modest recovery. A surge in high profile municipal bankruptcies during and after the financial crisis (e.g. Stockton, Detroit and Jefferson County) further eroded confidence in local government financial management, heightening citizen interest and engagement in the fiscal health of their local municipality.

Now, state and local administrators are challenged with the task of earning back their public’s trust.

We recently sat down with Charlie Francis, Administrative Services Director and Treasurer of Sausalito, California, to learn how he uses OpenGov to show constituents the results of past financial policy decisions. The ability to map actual performance numbers to previous projections enables Francis and his team to build and sustain public trust.

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