Saved Views for Checkbook and Nonfinancial Reports

Hundreds of governments bookmark views in their OpenGov general ledger reports to answer key questions with the click of a mouse. And starting today, users can also save views in all OpenGov reports, which give easy and instant access to checkbook data, vendor transactions, and non-financial performance data like building permits and police runs.

Quickly get the answers you need

Saved Views answer frequently asked questions from department heads, staff, and citizens. Instead of manually filtering and pivoting data every time you need an answer, simply click a Saved View and instantaneously get the insights you need.

Prepare for meetings with staff and elected officials

Anticipate questions before meetings or presentations and create Saved Views to answer them. For example, if you are a City Manager preparing to meet with a Council member, use Saved Views to walk through building permit trends, vendor expenditures by capital project, or police runs by day of the week. Simply click on the view during the meeting to pull up the answer in real-time, and drill down if she needs more information. And if you receive a question you didn’t anticipate, quickly filter the report in OpenGov and save the view on the spot for future use.

Engage the public

Saved Views allow governments to direct citizens to answers to commonly asked questions. For example, bookmark views on Police Runs that automatically point citizens to the breakdown of incident type over time. Or show businesses how building permit trends and types have changed over time.

Ready to try Saved Views on more reports?

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