Simplify Grant Reporting with OpenGov Intelligence

Tracking grants in a busy Finance Department can be a challenge. To help finance professionals with this difficult issue, a breakout session at this spring’s California Society of Municipal Finance Officers (CSMFO) convention covered grant procedures. The presenters highlighted several types of grant reporting that you can simplify with OpenGov. For example, OpenGov streamlines these three reports:

  1. Annual Organization-wide Grant Summary Reports
  2. Monthly Grant Reimbursement Reports
  3. Lifetime Grant Closeout Reports

OpenGov Intelligence can automatically assemble your revenue and expense data for your grant reporting needs at no extra cost with standard reporting features, by taking advantage of two ‘secret’ techniques:

  • Make sure grant activity is recorded in the general ledger with unique coding in department/division, project, activity, or grant segments so reporting can easily sort and filter as necessary.
  • Create saved views for each grant. This one-time exercise allows your teams to go directly to their grants every month or quarter for reimbursement and internal reporting.

Annual Organization-wide Grant Summary Reports

Grant history is requested for many different purposes such as budgeting, audit, and follow-up on grant applications. The City of West Sacramento’s Five-Year Grants History exemplifies the type of summary you can set up with a Saved View in your annual template report. We show it below as a chart, table, and Excel export. You can easily export views in any of these formats from OpenGov.



Exported as a chart



Exported as a table



Exported into Excel

Monthly Grant Reimbursement Reports

The table below is an example of a monthly reimbursement data set for Nobles County, MN CWG Monthly Grant Report. You can include history and budget, as well as the current period’s revenues and expenses, in a data table or Excel export. We show an example of the table report below:



Lifetime Grant Closeout Reports

Grant closeout reporting is among the final stages of every grant’s life cycle. Here, the City of West Sacramento, CA’s Grant Closeout Report is supported by table or Excel exports of the revenues and expenses by year, showing the grant fully expended and in balance. This time we show it in Excel, although of course you can also generate a table:



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