Super-Charge Inventory Creation, Inspections, and More with AI-Powered Capture for Cartegraph Asset Management

Here at OpenGov, we’re working hard to incorporate AI into everything we do so we can save you time and make your life easier.

Every day, we’re pushing forward the creation of new AI features. We’re doing this work in a deliberate, conscientious way, applying the same rigor and standard of excellence we always do in our work.

The end goal? To use AI intelligently so we can help you eliminate tedious work, surface more insights, discover things you might have missed, and enable more effective collaboration.

The latest feature we’ve upgraded with advanced AI is Capture, and it’s made to facilitate the generation of assets from user-provided photos. AI Capture is available right now in Cartegraph Asset Management, OpenGov’s cloud-based solution that helps you simplify work orders, plan capital improvement projects, and streamline your asset management work.

What Is AI-Powered Capture?

We’ve had a “capture” feature in Cartegraph Asset Management for about five years. The feature makes it quick and easy for users in the field to take a photo of an asset, tag it, and add it to their inventory using the mobile application.

To use the capture feature, all you have to do is snap a picture, and it will automatically suggest assets based on what’s in the image.

When we first rolled it out this feature was ahead of its time. It used basic machine learning to automatically identify asset types, helping reduce the need for typing or searching to categorize your photos.

But now, using the latest AI technology, we’ve super-charged Capture.

Capture now leverages advanced AI technology to significantly enhance the tool, making it faster, more reliable, and expanding it to include several additional asset types.

The end result? It’s now easier than ever to take a picture while in the field and have it automatically associated with the correct type of asset in your inventory.

Our new, AI-powered Capture gives you:

  • More assets. We’ve added 18 new above-ground asset types to the list of those Capture can automatically identify, more than doubling the total number.
  • More shapes. Capture now works on any asset shape, including point, linear, and poly shapes.
  • Text extraction. Using AI, Capture can now identify and extract text found within photos, placing it in the Notes field for the specific asset.
  • MUTCD recognition. Capture is now equipped to recognize the MUTCD (Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices) of Sign Assets, making it even more useful for asset managers working in the field.
  • Faster, more accurate recognition. Big picture, Capture is all-around better than its predecessor, delivering highly reliable IDs of assets with lightning speed.

Want to try our new AI-powered Capture? Get a demo now.

Already a user? Just log in to Cartegraph Asset Management—it’s already up and running in your mobile app.

Where We’re Going Next with AI

Our AI improvements to Capture are just one instance of the work we’re doing to incorporate AI into our technology.

For procurement leaders, we’ve already rolled out AI-driven scope drafting and supplier research, features that leverage AI to help you build scopes of work faster and research suppliers more efficiently.

These features have been live in OpenGov Procurement since August of 2023. And we’re just getting started.

Next up, we’re working on several more enhancements to our solutions that will make your life easier, reducing mundane, repetitive tasks so you can focus on the work that matters.

Where are we going next with AI? Stay tuned to find out.

Last Updated on February 23, 2024 by Jeff Neukom

Category: Asset Management

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