Top 2022 Tech Trends for Local Government

This year is going to be a big one for local government. As you continue to bounce back from the pandemic and start spending federal funds, the opportunities to make a strategic impact on your community are just about endless.

Especially when it comes to digital transformation. From resident services to internal planning, these and other tech trends for local government are now a must to improve resident trust and grow economic competitiveness. 

We almost forgot the best part. When you increase your digital initiatives, it leads to greater availability of data for both you and your citizens. This means one very important thing: Better decisions for your community. (Like we saw in Nassau  Bay, TX.


3 Tech Trends for Local Government Leaders

As you continue planning for the next year, improve the way you serve and engage residents by prioritizing tech. Consider these top three tech trends for local government to make a big impact for years to come.


1. Cloud technology

Every year, the long list of cloud benefits seems to grow. This year is no different. The cloud continues to keep data and operations better protected from cyberattacks and disasters. The City of Northlake, TX, provides a great example. When an uncharacteristic ice storm knocked City servers out of commission, Northlake almost couldn’t process payroll. After the nerve-wracking incident, the City decided that moving to the cloud was the best option for building a more resilient community. 

During the pandemic, the world quickly realized the importance of cloud technology to enable remote work. Now, we have learned that remote work leads to a world of benefits, including an increase in accessibility and a widened talent pool. This means that cloud technology has the potential to help local governments recruit talent.

The cloud is also making life easier for current team members, such as enabling virtual inspections for building and code departments. Currently, New Jersey and Florida are pushing requirements around virtual inspections, and it likely won’t be long until other states follow suit. Cloud technology, once again, comes to the rescue.


2. Data sharing

As you continue to plan and track federal funding, easy and clear data sharing for internal stakeholders and the community is a priority of many local governments. Software solutions, like OpenGov Budgeting & Planning, make it easy to use data both internally and externally to communicate results.

With easier access to data and results, you can better measure impact and drive strategic decisions. Like, in Tampa, FL, where the City is tracking everything from affordable homes, good paying jobs, reliable mass transit, and an overarching view of resiliency and sustainability, to help drive strategic planning.


3. eProcurement

Procurement has a reputation for being time-consuming, siloed, and overall a tough process. Thanks to eProcurement, the entire experience is more enjoyable and transparent for everyone involved. Plus, it automates the entire process from solicitation and contract development, to electronic proposal evaluations, and supplier interactions and provides a collaborative experience.

It’s night and day from yesterday’s procurement process.

When the City of Milpitas, CA, moved to eProcurement, the team went from paper-pushing to driving innovation. Not only did the City experience a 300% increase in completed procurements, but it also saw a 95% overall productivity gain with an average of 90% time savings per solicitation.


Digitally Transform for Tomorrow

Helping local governments welcome tech transformations is our passion. When aligned with your communities priorities, the right digital tools power a more effective and accountable government. Learn more about our solutions and how they can help your organization.

Or, better yet, get a demo for a personalized experience into your  digital transformation.

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