Trout Fishing, Small Dogs, and a Wedding: How 10 OpenGov Communities Celebrated the Eclipse

More than 1,600 public sector agencies use the OpenGov Smart Government Cloud™. That means there were ample opportunities to spot OpenGov communities experiencing a rare coast-to-coast eclipse throughout the day. From (not) golfing to spending time with their families to getting hitched, here is how the celebrated.


10. Enjoying the Great Outdoors in Livingston, Montana

It looks like people were not golfing during the eclipse in Livingston, Montana. That’s probably a good thing.



Apparently it was a good day for trout fishing in Livingston though.



9. Keeping it All in the Family in Sherwood, Oregon

The eclipse was a family affair out in Sherwood, Oregon. Do we also see a young Stanford fan?



8. Kicking it with Kanines in Ashland, Oregon

Even pets were getting in on the viewing action in Ashland, Oregon.



7. Dancing with Shadows in Arnold, Missouri

How about these awesome eclipse shadow effects in Arnold, Missouri?



6. Gathering Together in Alpharetta, Georgia

Alpharetta’s Public Safety Department made watching the eclipse a team event.



And Alpharetta High School’s students and teachers enjoyed it together.



5. Making it Social in Independence, Oregon

Independence, Oregon celebrated #CityHallSelfieDay eclipse style.



They even created a hashtag: #IndyGoesDark. We love it!



4. Sharing is Caring in Durham County, North Carolina

Eclipse glasses were difficult to come by. The Durham County Library ran out but offered alternatives for safe viewing. #TheMoreYouKnow



Durham County departments went out to enjoy the eclipse with their teams and citizens.




And again, who knew dogs love eclipses too?



3. Working OpenGov Style Across the U.S.

Our Portland team kicked it with their kiddos.



Apparently, we like two things at HQ: matching eclipse glasses and mimicking zombies.



And it was all clear (and not too hot) in DC.



Some of the OpenGov team is indoors at the GMIS International conference on Hilton Head Island, South Carolina. Hopefully, this guy will stop by our booth to let them know the eclipse was awesome.



2. Going Dark (Then Light) in White County, Tennessee

It was so dark in White County, Tennessee that the street lights came on during the eclipse.



And this view of totality from White County is just gorgeous.



1. Getting Married in St. Joseph, Missouri

Apparently, these people love eclipses so much they said “I do” during this one in St. Joseph, Missouri. Sounds like true love.





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