Two Ways You Can Customize Report Views

Use these tips to tailor your OpenGov report views to suit your needs.


1. Turn on/off Totals in Tabular Reports

It doesn’t always make sense to add things up annually or for multiple years in a table. For example, totals may not tell you much when displaying average 311 response times by month.

Follow the steps below to control whether a report displays totals:

  • Open up the report settings in a tabular report
  • Go to the General Panel
  • Scroll down to see the ‘Show total amount’ toggle
  • Select the option you need



2. Control pro-ration in Monthly Reports

Users may want to see how their YTD expenses or revenues compare to the full budget, or they may want to prorate the information based on the number of months that have already elapsed.

OpenGov lets you control whether their budgets are prorated when navigating a report. In a Monthly/Current Year report, follow the steps below to proration your reports:

  • Open report settings
  • Go to the Monthly Report options
    • Note: in public reports, this setting is in the Advanced panel
  • Scroll down to see the ‘Budget Proration’ toggle
  • Select the option you need



Tom is a Product Manager at OpenGov. Before joining OpenGov, Tom worked at JPMorgan Chase as a Developer and Data Analyst. Tom enjoys eating at McDonalds and wearing fluorescent pants.


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