VIDEO: Veteran Finance Director Bill Statler on Local Finance Challenges and Opportunities

California Regional Leadership Summit 2017 – Bill Statler Keynote from OpenGov.

At the recent OpenGov California Regional Leadership Summit, veteran California local finance director Bill Statler addressed public sector finance leaders who attended the event in Sacramento. His presentation, entitled “Challenges and Opportunities Facing Local Government Finance Officers Today,” focused on how public sector finance leaders can balance the demands of high-quality service delivery given increasingly stretched resources — especially funds and headcount.

While many governments have seen their revenues stabilize since the latest recession, Statler noted the reality of today’s more complex policy challenges, growing unfunded retirement benefit liabilities (especially OPEBs), and need to contextualize information for public and internal consumption. He also took time to consider the opportunities modern technology, public policy passion, and data analysis trends offer. See his full remarks above.

Bill Statler is a veteran municipal finance management expert with over 30 years of experience, including his tenures in San Luis Obispo and Simi Valley, California.

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