Candidate Experience Highlights

I would say this has been the best experience of recruiting I've been through, shout out to Josie for finding me on LinkedIn and Andy for giving insights on the OpenGov team and the role I'll be filling. Your team was as white glove as I've seen, clear and open communication the whole time.
Joe Lane
Director, Financial Planning & Analysis
"I have to say, my experience as a candidate interviewing for this role was nothing short of incredible. I had been interviewing with other companies as well and OpenGov stuck out to me the most."
Kelsey Smith
"My candidate experience was 5 stars, A++, and all around stellar. Mercedes as well as others on the team communicated with me clearly, effectively, and well in advance. This was the best candidate experience I’ve ever had."
Samantha Lovewell
Customer Success Manager
"From the moment I submitted my application, the recruiting team was prompt in their responses and kept me well-informed at every stage. They were attentive to my questions and concerns, providing all the necessary information and guidance. The team went above and beyond to ensure a personal touch. I appreciated their warm and friendly demeanor throughout, making me feel comfortable and valued as a candidate. It truly felt like a "white glove" service. In summary, my candidate experience exceeded my expectations. The professionalism, efficiency, and genuine care demonstrated by the recruiting team were truly commendable."
Matias Magni
Sr. Software Engineer
The overall interview experience was great. Amber, the RC, was absolutely amazing at getting the interviews quickly scheduled and keeping me updated throughout the entire process! Zach was also very transparent, communicative and helpful - both with interviews and with the negotiation and offer stage! I was interviewing with three other organizations and this process was the most seamless and had such quick a turnaround, which is very rare now a days.
Davon Gray
People Operations Specialist
"My candidate experience was indeed a "white glove" service! Samantha was incredible; her communication and confidence in me excited me even more for this opportunity. Samantha prepped me every step of the way and provided me with excellent feedback. Overall, it was a wonderful experience; I wouldn't change a thing about my experience. I'm excited to be joining the OpenGov family!"
Ashley Rangel-Abreu
Sales Development Representative
"My candidate experience was excellent. It was probably one of the best I have ever experienced. I really appreciate how closely Jesse worked with me to ensure I was set up for success each step of the way. He was transparent with me and I felt like I could trust him as soon as we had our first conversation. He leaned on communicating via phone, which ensured nothing got lost in translation. He was also available after hours for any questions or concerns I had along the way."
Nazia Gangani
Sr. Customer Success Manager
"I had a wonderful candidate experience. Zach and the team were so helpful in scheduling interviews, communicating the process, and always keeping informed in a timely manner. I never felt like I was being ignored, which is such a breath of fresh air. I liked how the emails were very thorough about company information, interviewer information, and issue-free Zoom links. I mention this because I have interviewed with other companies that have failed to even give me contact information for the interviewers. Overall, the experience was great and I am proud to be joining a company that has such a fantastic talent acquisition team."
Patricio Muñoz-Hernandez
Associate Commercial Counsel
My candidate experience was one of the best experiences I have ever had. I felt like my time and effort was not only appreciated but also respected. I couldn’t have asked for a better experience!
Phuong Phan
Account Executive
"I worked closely with Andy Sidwell during this process and he was absolutely amazing. Kept me informed of all the progress and explained everything to me thoroughly."
Sara Kramer
Sr. Product Designer I
The recruiting team was stellar -- diligent and organized. A specific thank you to Jesse as he was with me throughout the entire time and was a shepherd to my success, for sure.
Tom Allen
Sr. Customer Success Manager
Jesse was unlike any other recruiter I've encountered, in the best of ways. From the beginning he was responsive, timely, and transparent. He would answer questions and dialogue with me as needed and provided a comfort that I have rarely seen from other recruiters. He was always there to check-in and would respond when he said he would. I can honestly say it was the best recruiter experience I've ever had.
Abdul Khawam
Sr. Manager, RFP Program
My candidate experience was better than I could have ever expected! I do want to highlight how incredible Jesse Martin was in every single step of the process. He really helped clarify any questions I had heading into each round of the interview process and consistently reminded me if I needed anything to not hesitate in reaching out and asking. It truly embodied to me as a candidate the type of company values and team culture I'll be walking into at OpenGov.
Lauryn Parrish
Account Executive
Recruiting is the 1st experience with the company and your team gets an A+. I couldn't have a better candidate experience.
Olga Liao
Assistant Controller
My candidate experience truly was exceptional. Josie was such a positive note to start the process on and I had Jesse's constant support throughout the entire process. The support and candor from the team was a huge determiner in my decision to join OpenGov!
Shea Coughlin
Account Executive
My recruiter (Zach) was transparent and informative throughout the whole process, so I never felt out of the loop. I felt guided and advocated for, which helped give me a glimpse of how I would be treated as an employee. It definitely helped my experience!
Lydia Cloud
Technical Writer
My candidate experience was amazing! Mercedes did a great job at keeping me updated on next steps and ensuring that I was prepared for each interview. I appreciate all of her help going above and beyond. Amber was also great at coordinating all of the interviews as well. It was definitely a white glove service!
Cassandra Lariza
Implementation Analyst
You definitely achieved the "white glove" service. My experience was unlike any other! In a great positive way.
Micaela Martinez
Implementation Consultant
The candidate experience from the recruiting team was by far the best recruiting experience I have ever had.
Blake Tulloch
Implementation Analyst
Big kudos to Andy for being an incredibly thoughtful person throughout the interview process. The best interview process I've experienced... no exaggeration here.
Nathan Wong
Director, Strategic Finance
This has been the most refreshing and positive experience I’ve ever had in any job search. The transparency, communication, and promptness of this process went a long way for me and if it’s any indication (which I believe it is) of what the company is like as a whole- I am absolutely thrilled to be joining such a team. Truly and honestly, I really felt heard and cared for as a person throughout the entire process.
Marguerite Kuntz
Accounts Payable