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Budgeting, procurement, permitting, and reporting solutions purpose built for city and town governments

Streamline Your City's Most Mission-Critical Processes

Industry-leading City Government Software

Town and city government software to transform public administration with collaborative budgeting, automated procurement, robust performance management, and intuitive resident services solutions delivered. It’s all backed by over 500 years of public sector experience.

Budgeting & Planning

Drive improved outcomes with the only cloud solution that delivers automated budgeting, planning, analysis, and performance management software for local governments.

Permitting & Licensing

Offer a delightful, online permitting and licensing experience to both applicants and staff in planning, zoning, and community development.

Reporting & Transparency

Use OpenGov's city management software to build trust with your community by clearly communicating initiatives and progress on your priorities while fostering increased engagement.

Procurement & Contract Management

Experience the industry’s most automated and collaborative eprocurement and contract management solution, for faster, consistent, and compliant processes.

"Everybody is able to do more than they have been in the past because of the technological advances of OpenGov. Technology is driving everything and driving everything quickly."

Chief Financial Officer — Cityof Lubbock, TX

“Overall, I can only hope all adoptions of new processes/technology go as smoothly as this did. The keys to success were constant communication with the installer community for testing, and making sure all stakeholders were aware of changes and able to immediately provide feedback.”

Management Analyst — City of Benicia, CA

"In the past, the actual process of procurement was pretty laborious.... [With OpenGov], from when we actually started writing the specs, to the time we went out for bid, it was only four days."

Purchasing Specialist — City of Edgewater, FL

“It gives us an edge when we’re competing with our municipalities and towns in the area for businesses to come here. We’re very happy with the partnership between OpenGov and the city of Danbury.”

Mayor — City of Danbury, CT

Streamline Permitting and Licensing

Permitting Software for Cities & Towns

“OpenGov ensures that fees are accurately attributed, assigned, and collected, which provides greater transparency and instills trust."
Business Systems Analyst — City of Salem, MA

Our municipal government software modernizes community development permits, business licenses, and other complex approval processes for city needs.  Featuring a user-friendly portal for the public, OpenGov Permitting & Licensing streamlines processes and improves customer satisfaction. 

Cities and towns can launch digital services in as short as 6 months and process applications up to 5X faster than outdated systems. Start redirecting staff toward higher priority projects, while allowing government administrators to drive economic development in the communities. 

Modernize Your Budget Process

Budgeting Software for Cities

OpenGov’s end-to-end Budget & Planning suite includes industry-leading budget automation, data integration, performance reporting, and data access management to unlimited users.  Leverage future-proof cloud technology to foster transparency around strategic priorities with intuitive communication tools that increase public trust.

OpenGov’s city management software empowers your municipality to map your budget to strategic initiatives, track relevant KPIs, inform stakeholders, and build trust with constituents.


“OpenGov helps us bring it all together, it enables us to both: 1) create a better, more collaborative budget, one that deploys resources more efficiently across departments; and 2) demonstrate to the public, Council, and our bond ratings agency the impact of savings and investments for our city.”
Mayor — City of East Providence, RI

Make Procurement More Enjoyable and Transparent

Procurement Software for Cities & Towns

“We jumped from a word processing operation to a collaborative tool… it really moved us forward. As we step back and look at the differences between electronic bidding and where Milpitas is with OpenGov Procurement today, it is safe to say that in this case, the City realized a minimum 95% increase in productivity."
Assistant City Manager — City of Milpitas, CA

Say goodbye to word processors, emails, three-ring binders, spreadsheets, and outdated software that fail to sufficiently meet a public procurement professional’s needs. OpenGov Procurement’s end-to-end workflow automation encourages collaboration and accelerates buyers’ processes for compliantly developing and managing their solicitations, evaluations, supplier networks, and contracts. 

Automate notifications and alerts for buyers and suppliers, in-platform Q&A, plus world-class support, including live chat—fostering a seamless, fair, and enjoyable partnership. 

Build Public Trust with Reporting and Transparency

City Management Software

Make your complex information digestible for the public, elected officials, departments, and your administration with OpenGov’s city government software.

User-friendly integration and report configuration tools allow you to present important insights on any operational or financial data you connect to OpenGov or any forecasting you generate from your budgeting tools.

Transparency is second nature with easy-to-use publication tools.  Bring your community’s voice into every key decision with engagement tools that integrate directly into OpenGov Transparency.


“OpenGov has been instrumental in enabling us to put all the data including line item details into the budget proposal and make it far easier to understand as the single source of truth. The technology innovation is why we’ve chosen to partner with OpenGov to drive our strategic vision forward.”
Administrative Services Director — City of Ashland, OR

City Government Software FAQs

City management software is a type of technology that helps cities and municipalities manage various aspects of their operations. It can include features such as asset management, work order tracking, resident request management, and more. Read More 

There are several benefits to using city management software, including increased efficiency and productivity, better communication and collaboration among city staff, improved transparency for citizens, and the ability to make data-driven decisions based on real-time information. Read More 

When choosing city management software, it’s important to consider factors such as the specific needs and priorities of your municipality, the size and complexity of your operations, and the budget you have available. It’s also a good idea to research different software options, read reviews and customer testimonials, and schedule demos or trials to see how each platform works in practice. Read More 


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