Customer Stories

100% Streamlined

No More Cumbersome, Error-Ridden Budgeting

Connie Maxwell, Budget Director
Burnet, TX

100% Transparent

Showing Good Stewardship of Taxpayer Dollars

Austin Gilley, City Administrator, Rose Hill, KS

Added 4 Firefighters

Quick Data, High Impact to Community

Brian Dehner, City Administrative Officer
Edgewood, KY

100% Transparent

Enabling Better Educated Citizen Questions

George Rodericks, City Manager
Atherton, CA

50% Time Savings

Collaborative, Streamlined Budgeting

Buck LaQuey, Financial Director
City of Elgin, TX

300+ Measures Tracked

Taking the lead in Performance Management

Maria Zuniga, Business Improvement & Performance Administrator
Bernalillo County, NM

100% Transparent

Information at the touch of a button

Glenda Aragon, Finance Director
West Metro Fire Protection District, CO

75% Time Saved

Enhanced reporting & operational performance

Aimee Tihonovich, Budget & Financial Director
County of Pueblo, CO

100% Transparent

Engaging stakeholders to build trust

Glen Jarbeau, Chief Financial Officer
City of Spruce Grove, AB

100% Accountable

Excelling with operational performance

Andrew McCreery, Director of Finance
Mt. Lebanon, PA

50% fewer nights in the office

Effectively doing more with less

Bryan Kidney, Finance Director
Lawrence, KS

90% Time Saved

Real-time, informed, decision making

Kirk Johnson, Finance Director
Ridgefield, WA

100% Transparent

Visualizing data to engage stakeholders

Jason Loveland, Finance Director
Northglenn, CO

90% Time Savings

Demonstrating fiscal responsibility

Kimberly Ruesch, Administrative Services Manager
Washington City, UT

1,900+ Agencies Work With OpenGov

City of Rockport, TX
City of Fort Lauderdale, FL
County of Allegheny, PA
CA State Lands Commission
Nobles County, MN
City of McKinney, TX
City of Stanton, CA
District of Columbia, DC

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