Why governments rely on OpenGov

Cost Effective

Adopting OpenGov costs 90% less than building a stand-alone financial transparency website


Save 180 hours on internal reporting each year


Simi Valley saved $10K thanks to reduced information requests

Build Trust

3X more desired citizen input and engagement around budget priorities in Rocklin, CA


100% success rate exporting data from over 100 accounting and ERP systems

Meet the heroes of 21st century government

“(Department Managers) can see what their expenses are as compared to the budget, and it saves me time because they ask me less questions.”

Judy Smith,
Finance Director
Jackson County Water & Sewer Authority, GA

“It just brings the data to life.”

Kim McCleskey,
Budget Administrator
Northern Virginia Regional Parks Authority (NOVA Parks), VA

“I like how easy it is to use the graphical functions and the sorting function and it’s easy to explain to my residents.”

James Bell,
Finance Director
City of Huber Heights, OH

“It was most impressive to us that OpenGov took our feedback and incorporated it into their product roadmap. At that point we knew that OpenGov wasn’t just a product, they were a partner for governments.”

Kim Sarkovich
Assistant City Manager/CFO, Rocklin CA

New Haven City Seal

“OpenGov helped increase the trust level between the new Administration and citizens because it showed that the Administration was serious about transparency.”

Doug Hausladen
Director of Transportation, Traffic and Parking, New Haven CT

How we make financial data work

More than 1,400 governments in 47 states and 4 Canadian provinces have deployed OpenGov.

Smallest Budget

$2.3 Million

Largest budget

$23 Billion

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