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How the CDOT-Aeronautics Shortened the Runway for Critical Decisions

From Ideation to Implementation in <6 Months

Start-up culture is starting to pervade staid institutions. Government entities are embracing the same approaches to innovation: small teams, iterative or agile releases, and a steadfast focus on end users.

The Aeronautics Division of the Colorado Department of Transportation (CDOT Aeronautics) is innovating the way it communicates financial information to its numerous stakeholders. Working closely with OpenGov, the team implemented a new platform and approach — moving from ideation to implementation in under six months.

CDOT Aeronautics is managed independently from roads, bridges, and tunnels across Colorado. The Division’s focus and greater degree of freedom provide a unique opportunity to innovate rapidly in the delivery of key financial metrics to airports and their Board and support the state’s most important industry: tourism.

Better Data, Better Partnership

CDOT Aeronautics partners with, and provides funding, to airports to make air travel as cheap and safe as possible for commercial, private, and general aviation fliers traveling through Colorado’s 74 public-use airports.

To meet the needs of multiple stakeholders, including the Colorado Aeronautical Board, airports, tourism advocates, and the public, CDOT Aeronautics recognizes that surfacing the right data in the right way is critical to informing better financial decision making.

How CDOT-Aeronautics Shortened the Runway for Critical Decisions

5.8 Million

Agency Type

Annual Budget
$30 Million



Reporting & Transparency

Customer Results

<6 months from ideation to implementation

Dashboards shared with ~80 airports and key stakeholders

Reduced prep time for Board meeting by 30%

Ability to publish additional/new data easily

“OpenGov helps our Colorado Division of Aeronautics be more financially transparent and responsive to the aviation stakeholders that generate our revenue, and benefit from our programs. Being able to provide timely, contextual and detailed financial information to our customers in an easy to access online format has significantly increased our productivity, efficiency and accountability.”
David Ulane, Division Director, CDOT Aeronautics

‘Homing in’ on What’s Important

CDOT Aeronautics’s motto is apt: “A mile of highway will take you a mile. A mile of runway will take you anywhere.” The same can be said of spreadsheets and PDF reports when compared to an integrated, cloud-based solution — the former will only get you so far.

Unprecedented economic times call for stronger connectivity between data and decisions. CDOT Aeronautics worked with the OpenGov Professional Services team to build powerful dashboards that pull information from disparate databases. The teams then created Stories highlighting key financial data to provide context and make metrics more meaningful to stakeholders.

With OpenGov, CDOT Aeronautics was able to 1) start monitoring and planning for the financial impact of tax revenue contraction, 2) show tax disbursements to airports, and 3) surface historic and current grant levels, division spending by program, fuel flow analysis, and other key factors on shared dashboards.

“We are government, we are the state, but we are on the same team as our airports. With OpenGov we were able to be a good partner by quickly deploying shared dashboards for the key data that drives their businesses to enable better, faster decisions.”
Bryce Shuck, Business Manager, CDOT Aeronautics

How CDOT-Aeronautics Shortened the Runway for Critical Decisions

By improving everyone’s understanding of key financial data, CDOT Aeronautics is able to shorten the runway for urgent financial decisions at a critical moment for airports.

OpenGov Capabilities for State Agencies:

  • Reporting & Transparency can be used by state agencies of all types to showcase key financial data for stakeholders
  • Stories make data more meaningful for stakeholders and the public
  • Open Town Hall enables virtual Board and Council meetings and the collection of public questions and poll/preference data

About CDOT Aeronautics

The mission of the CDOT Division of Aeronautics is to support Colorado’s multi-modal transportation system by advancing a safe, efficient, and effective statewide air and space system through collaboration, investment and advocacy. The vision of the CDOT Division of Aeronautics is to be the leading state aviation organization by enhancing the efficiency, economic benefit, and sustainability of Colorado’s air and space system through funding, innovation, education, and pioneering initiatives


Reporting and Transparency


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