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Smarter Hiring Decisions and Comprehensive Snow Tracking in Windsor, CO

Nestled in the picturesque landscape of Northern Colorado, the Town of Windsor, CO, offers a unique blend of small-town charm and vibrant community life.

The Town’s proximity to the Rocky Mountains, Windsor Lake, and the Poudre River Trail draw outdoor enthusiasts every year, and its thriving Main Street, with inviting local shops and eateries, complements a rich calendar of community events.

In the past couple of years, the Town has experienced a development boom fueled by a population increase that is expected to continue. Town staff have adopted a growth mindset to keep up, and despite employee turnover, are modernizing their processes across the board. The Public Works department is at the forefront of this modernization, and partnered with Cartegraph Asset Management, part of the OpenGov Cloud, to improve data tracking and make more strategic decisions.

“We are working smarter, not harder with the use of technology, and that really is a result of what we are doing with OpenGov”
– Brian Rowe, Deputy Director of Public Works, Windsor, CO

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Public Works


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More Efficient Data Integration

Enhanced Decision-Making

Improved Storytelling with Financial Data


Windsor is confronted with the same challenge local governments across the country are facing: unprecedented employee turnover in the public sector. “When it comes to turnover, you have to find other ways to get the job done,” said Deputy Director Brian Rowe, “So that is why we turned to technology like OpenGov’s Cartegraph Asset Management.”


Every department in Public Works in Windsor, CO is using OpenGov Cartegraph Asset Management to streamline operations and track assets.

The Town created a work order system in OpenGov that spans several different programs and tracks labor, equipment, and material costs. This has proven to be very valuable for presenting information and statistics at board meetings. “I can give them raw information now, right at my fingertips, rather than manually calculating all of those numbers,” said Rowe.


Efficient Data Integration

Equipped with tablets, each staff member can effortlessly transmit data directly to the Cartegraph system, eliminating the need to return to the office for manual input after a lengthy shift. “Previously, they had to jot down numbers on paper or rely on memory. Now, with their tablets, data seamlessly integrates into the OpenGov system automatically.” This streamlined process has eradicated delays, reducing work order processing time from up to a week to instant submission. The system not only enhances efficiency but also eradicates concerns about human error.

Enhanced Decision-Making

The newfound efficiency extends beyond day-to-day operations, significantly influencing strategic decisions. Over the past three years, the Public Works department has expanded its team by five to six members, a direct consequence of improved data tracking. Rowe emphasizes, “Better data tracking has been instrumental in our ability to approach the board confidently and request necessary resources.”

Empowering Board Requests

With accurate data in hand, the Public Works team was empowered to approach the board with other compelling requests. The enhanced data not only facilitates operational improvements but also strengthens the department’s case for the acquisition of new equipment, paving the way for a more responsive and resourceful Public Works department.

Financial Data Tells The Story of the Snow

By seamlessly integrating its plowing software and OpenGov, the Town has gained the ability to comprehensively monitor all expenses, labor efforts, and material usage associated with snow removal. This innovative approach extends further as the Public Works Department can now publicly share data related to snowstorms, a subject of great interest for residents, especially considering the Town’s substantial snowfall during winter. Rowe emphasizes the impact, stating, “Now I can illustrate that an 8-inch snowstorm can incur costs of up to $100,000, providing the most accurate and transparent accounting for snowstorms imaginable.”

Additionally, armed with more robust data, Rowe successfully presented to the board the precise amount of snowfall in a given year, enabling the Town to make informed decisions. This transparency and data-driven approach played a pivotal role in justifying the acquisition of two new plow trucks, each valued at half a million dollars.

“Without the narrative the data provided, justifying the purchase of a half-million-dollar truck would have been impossible,” said Rowe.

What’s Next

Rowe and the rest of the public works team are looking forward to adopting the same asset management approach for our utilities, such as water distribution, wastewater collections, and street lights. With even more data, the team can expect even more efficiencies around day-to-day operations.

Learn more about empowering your team to make smarter decisions using Cartegraph Asset Management.

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