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Simplify and Streamline Analysis to Focus on Student Performance

K-12 schools and colleges nationwide use the OpenGov Smart Government Platform to streamline budgeting, operate more effectively, and leverage open data to communicate with all stakeholders.

  • Operate more effectively

    Gain the insights you need to manage your institution, and empower internal stakeholders with access to critical data

  • Transform your budget process

    Drive better results through collaborative budgeting. Equip department leaders with a simple, streamlined process.

  • Build community trust

    Show how your district is addressing the issues the community cares about most, enhancing support for initiatives.

  • Improve outcomes with an integrated solution

    The OpenGov Smart Government Platform™ helps you all year, from budgeting and planning to monitoring ongoing operations with advanced reporting through engaging stakeholders and the public with comprehensive transparency and open data.

"We really got the parents engaged, and one of the nice things is that the parents understood the information because we had laid it out.”

Ahmad Sheikholeslami
Menlo Park City School District

Use Cases

Leverage OpenGov Across
Your District

  • Promote capital campaigns

  • Inform bond oversight committees 

  • Monitor district-wide financials

  • Budget more effectively

Promote capital campaigns

Plan and promote capital campaigns

Gain insights into your capital needs and inform decisions with powerful analytics. Engage the public and stakeholders to build support for critical projects by demonstrating community need with maps and interactive reports.

View district wide capital needs.

Debt Reporting

Inform bond oversight committees

Share spending reports critical in overseeing capital project expenditures in accordance with local requirements. Track bond proceeds and verify that money is spent on appropriate and allowable expenses.

Share and analyze debt paydown by issue.

Financial reporting

Monitor district-wide financials

Analyze funding streams and associated expenses to better understand long-term financial impacts. Empower decision makers across your district with the data they need to make informed decisions.

Understand expenditures related to specific revenue sources.


Budget more effectively

Streamline and transform your budget process from planning through publication. Empower leaders across your district to work together on the budget in a cloud-based tool, avoiding the confusion of numerous email threads and conflicting spreadsheets

Monitor budget to actual by site or department.

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