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Local governments across the country leverage the power of
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The OpenGov CloudTM

Cities, counties, and special districts nationwide use the OpenGov Cloud to streamline budgeting, operate more effectively, and leverage open data to communicate with all stakeholders.

  • Streamline budgeting

    Save time with a collaborative approach, make decisions based on easily accessible data, and establish a consistent, repeatable process from strategic planning through budget publication.

  • Communicate clearly

    Drive accountability, engage the public, and unlock economic potential with open data.

  • Make informed, data-driven decisions

    Achieve strategic goals and drive program effectiveness with intuitive operational dashboards and powerful performance reporting.

  • Tap the power of the network

    Compare spending, identify trends, and share insights to govern more effectively.

“If we did not have OpenGov, it’s possible that night we would not have been able to pass that tax measure. By passing that measure and adding four firefighters to the community, it has definitely made an impact, especially to [heart attack victim] Bob Frey.”

Brian Dehner, City Administrative Officer
Edgewood, KY

“The time at which we’re most going to need OpenGov is also the time at which we’ll be least able to think about it. We’ll need to just have all of that information in front of us so we can act intelligently rather than with panic.”

Jason Loveland, Director of Finance
City of Northglenn, CO

“This ease of use enabled OpenGov to become Allegheny County’s base of reporting and its official record. It’s our one-stop shop for an honest measure of the truth.”

Tony Cholewinski, Assistant to the Deputy Controller of Management Systems
Allegheny County, PA


Improving Outcomes

  • Economic Development

  • Capital Improvement Plans

  • Performance Measurement

  • Council-Manager Relations

Budgeting and Performance

Streamline budgeting

Empower stakeholders to collaborate on the budget in a single cloud-based tool, avoiding the confusion of numerous email threads and conflicting spreadsheets. Build your budget book faster and more accurately - online - making the process easy to repeat in future years.

Streamline and transform your budget process

Communications and Reporting

Make informed, data-driven decisions

Achieve strategic goals with better coordination and communication across departments and offices. Drastically reduce the amount of time spent searching for answers, so your team spends more time collaborating, thinking strategically, and making confident, evidence-based decisions.

A comprehensive snapshot of your most critical data

Open Data

Communicate clearly

Easily share financial and performance data to communicate status, improve alignment, and proactively identify areas for attention. Transform raw data into intuitive charts, graphs, maps, and more to drive accountability and improve understanding among the public and staff alike. Empower citizens and businesses with open data to improve the community, find new business opportunities, and increase citizen participation.

Tell your story with data


Learn from a network of your peers

Connect with other cities, counties, and special districts in the OpenGov network through user groups, online data-sharing, and regional leadership summits to share best practices, learn from similar governments, improve outcomes for the community.

Connect and learn from peers

Explore The OpenGov Cloud™

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