A Fresh Start: Resources for Rewiring the Local Government Budget Process

From following GFOA guidelines, to transitioning to a collaborative budgeting process, and even improving performance measures, use these resources to make next year’s budget the best one yet.

Local Government Budget Resources - Table of Contents

What is your budget maturity?

Take our quiz and find out how modern your budgeting and planning process is.

Use these questions and more to find the biggest gaps in your budgeting process.

New eBooks

Beyond the Numbers:
The Online Budget Book

To align with the GFOA’s criteria for an award-winning budget book, your budget must serve as:

  • A Policy Document
  • A Financial Plan
  • An Operations Guide
  • A Communications Device

Learn how an interactive budget book can deliver in these 4 key uses.

5 Tips for Aligned Strategic Initiatives and Better Performance Management

Today, data is more readily available than ever. But, how do you know if you are measuring the right things?

While certain metrics seem like the right ones to inform your decision making, they may not accurately predict the outcomes you hope to achieve. The time is now to be more proactive, strategic, and forward-looking. Let’s get out of short-sighted planning cycle and start planning the longer-term needs of your team, residents, and climate.

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