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From improved customer satisfaction to increased economic development, use these resources to make it easy to do business with your agency for:

  • Permitting
  • Business licenses
  • Inspections
OpenGov Permitting & Licensing - Explainer Video

OpenGov’s Citizen Services Overview

Upcoming Webinar

Transforming Business Licensing & Contractor Registration

Join this session with Lloyd Keith, Chief Innovation Officer, City of Gary, IN and Gerrod Franklin, Solutions Engineer at OpenGov and former Business Analyst at the City of Fishers, IN, to learn how to lead transformational change to your city or county’s business processes, including how to:


  • Automate manual steps in business license applications, renewals, and contractor registration with a fully digital process;
  • Improve the speed and efficacy of inspections for licenses with an easy-to-use web portal and mobile app;
  • Create internal demand for transforming business processes in your city or county;
  • Use data effectively to show results and performance against growth and development initiatives.

A High-Impact Investment with a Big ROI: Online Permitting

Use this guide to ditch inefficient paper processes and modernize permitting and licensing. Modern cloud software can help by streamlining processes from intake through issuance. This, in turn, saves staff hours, drives increased revenue, and delights residents, businesses and developers seeking to do business with your community.

Free Webinar

How to Work Smarter (Not Harder) with Permitting, Licensing, and Code Enforcement

Join Dan Ralley, Assistant City Manager for the City Of Hilliard, Ohio, and OpenGov Citizen Services leader Liz Usherwood for a discussion on how to improve entrenched permitting, licensing, and code enforcement processes to meet growth needs. In this session, you will learn:

  • How to consolidate steps to cut permit, licensing, and code enforcement process times
  • What your government should be doing to meet the needs of smaller and mid-sized, fast-growing communities
  • Where you can reallocate or refocus resources around higher value activities to be more efficient, accountable, and improve service levels for your community

New eBook

Exclusive Content

5 Best Practices Modern Digital Permitting and Licensing

Whether you use an online platform, paper, or a combination of the two, learn more about what to do and what NOT to do when it comes to adopting a modern permitting and licensing solution for your community.

From platform implementation to resident experience, an upgraded process can:

  • Result in applications processed 5X faster
  • Reduce City Hall walk in traffic by 80%
  • Be implemented in about 6 months

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Customer Stories

Governments Across the US Are Revolutionizing Their Permitting & Licensing Processes

More Effective Government

“The City of Gary does not have a big budget. So, if you can free up that staff time [using cloud software technology] to be able to be more targeted, then you can start to make City government more effective in the long-term, to be more proactive because your head is now starting to get above water and you can start to swim towards where you want to go rather than just trying to reach the surface.”

Eric Boria, Director of Zoning - Gary, Indiana

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Connecting The Dots

“We can now see through OpenGov how [our] initiatives aligned. We never had that ability before. We’ve never been able to connect the dots.”

Eric DeSmidt, Database Technician - Mundelein, Illinois

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Moving The City Forward

"OpenGov, to me, is something that the city council and I looked at for moving our city forward."

Terry Furlong, Mayor - North St. Paul

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Simplifying Collaboration

“I use OpenGov every day. Our Citizen Services apps have made it very easy to navigate with all these other divisions and departments. So, it really makes my job easy.”

Kristen Graham, Management Analyst - Cypress, CA

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Modernizing Operating Processes

“We are no longer stuck in our ways with how we do things. We want to be challenged. We want OpenGov to help us reimagine how we operate.”

Jason M. Winters, Township Manager - Hempfield Township, PA

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“Switching to OpenGov’s online permitting has really improved the permitting experience for our customers as well as our staff. Our customers now have real-time information on where their submitted permit application is in our system and allows them to receive nearly instant notifications if more information is needed or when their permit has been issued.”

Doug Nelson, Assistant Fire Chief - Burnsville, MN

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