California Cities Ride the Wave of Digital Transformation

08-27-2020 The Southern California cities of Irvine, Hermosa Beach, Camarillo, Montebello, Glendora, Cypress, Orange, Stanton, and Torrance, as well as the Mojave Desert Air Quality Management District are partnering with OpenGov – the leader in modern cloud ERP software for our nation’s cities, counties, and state agencies – to drive staff productivity, increase accountability, and improve customer service and community engagement.

“Southern California cities are leading when it comes to modernizing internal operations and customer service delivery through cloud software,” says OpenGov Vice President Tim Melton. “These innovative governments are showing their peers what it means to embrace digital transformation, and OpenGov is proud to pave the way for them to become even more efficient, informed, transparent, and customer service oriented.”

“By understanding the cost of our time preparing the budget and the work involved with multiple manual processes, the decision to transform our processes and invest in OpenGov was fairly straight forward,” says June Overholt, Administrative Services Director, City of Glendora

OpenGov will provide these communities with technology that streamlines the budgeting process, aligns budgets to performance outcomes, allows enterprise-level resource planning, improves permitting and licensing processes, builds trust with constituents and modernizes reporting and analysis capabilities.

“The OpenGov software is intuitive for customers and department users. Customers can easily sign up and submit permits online. The software’s workflow process streamlines application review by allowing concurrent department review and provides customers email updates. Importantly, OpenGov also offers the shortest implementation period,” says Doug Dancs, Director of Community Development, Cypress, CA.

These municipalities join over a thousand government organizations leveraging OpenGov to modernize local government functions with cloud-based software designed specifically to meet their unique needs.


About OpenGov

OpenGov is the leader in providing our nation’s state agencies and local governments with modern cloud software to help power more effective and accountable government. Built exclusively for the unique budgeting, financial, and community development needs of the public sector, OpenGov solutions help our more than 1,000 customers plan effectively, increase efficiency, and improve engagement through better collaboration and transparency.

Published: August 27, 2020